Stage 1 – Building a community

Goofy Goats was started in an attempt to form a strongly built and tight-knitted community. The early stages are the present, and there is vital growth we aim to observe and immerse ourselves in. We aim to give holders strong incentives and utility to continue engaging and developing an infrastructure.
In agriculture, a trip (group) of goats is the key successor to any farmer’s business – a lone goat will rarely be a sight. Similar to that, we believe that a community is the key to a successful project. We believe that this is the driving factor for any project.
Our goals must be clear and precise in order to look far into the successful future of Goofy Goats.

Our goals prior to mint:

1. A thorough marketing strategy to attract new, aspiring members of the ever-growing community. Goats are an internationally recognised animal – Goofy Goats aim to align with their status in society.

2. An aesthetical and functional website to effectively inspire and project our outlooks. Functionality plays a major part in the fairness and seamlessness of the mint; we aim to fairly distribute our beloved goats into the right hands.

3. Our holders need a reason to remain as holders, therefore we plan to provide well-thought, beneficial utility through the long-term commitment of our team.

4. Community events will be held throughout the period. This encourages others to socialise and contribute their bit to the Goat Gang.

5. A composed list of 333 loyal members gain access to the whitelist allowing them to take part in the pre-mint, before public mint.

Fanart Contest This is one of many contests in which we plan to drive and aspire our community. Every member will have the chance at creating a Goofy Goat, based on our silhouette. Submissions will be judged by the team following the closure of the contest – resulting in three winners.

- A randomly airdropped Goofy Goat to each winner.
- The 1st place winner will have their creation minted as a one-to-one during the public mint.

One-to-one Airdrops
One-to-one, special edition goats will be airdropped to loyal community members and giveaway winners, these will be the rarest pieces of the collection and must be cherished. They are the icons.
Many more events will be planned throughout…

Stage 2 – Distribution of goats

The mint imposes a major imprint on the future of any project. Because of this, we make it our main aim to hold a seamless, successful minting procedure for our community. Thorough stress testing will take place on the website to ensure this.

The price per goat is planned to be around 0.3 SOL, we believe that this a fair pricing point for all. Insistently, the price will remain the same during all sales – presale and general sale. An exact figure will be announced soon; however we promise to keep it around that point.

We aim to be on several marketplaces immediately following the minting, allowing a smooth transition for those who desire to misplace (sell) their goat. Our team will proactively communicate with secondary marketplaces to secure a spot for us.

Our donation
2.5% of all earnings from the mint will be donated to a community-chose charity out of a selection picked by the team. The charities chosen will all have a positive impact on animals or agriculture. We believe that it is important to give back to important matters.

Stage 3 – Holder Utility

Holder Royalties
We will impose a 5% creator fee on all secondary market transactions. 50% of this will be stored in a community fund to be distributed between holders weekly.

Floor Sweeps
15% of the creator fees will be used to sweep the floor at a random time, also weekly. These goats will, unfortunately, be swept out of existence.

Community Treasury
10% of creator fees and 2.5% of project earnings will be stored in a community treasury. The decision on where the funds go, will be in the hands of holders, after a DAO is formed (more details in Stage 4).

GOAT Token
Details are unclear as of yet, however we are planning to perform airdrop events over the course of weeks after the general mint. These mysterious ‘GOAT Tokens’ may grant you access to a future follow-on project. Only a segment of holders will receive a token, the token will become useless without a goat in your wallet.

Stage 4 – GOAT DAO and further

Long-term achievements are always a crucial factor on future success of a project. Community will always be sentimental to us. A step further to this is the formation of an established DAO. Smaller details on where money goes, and the organisational structure will be decided closer to the date. The DAO will be heavily community driven – everyone’s voices shall and will be heard, as a contribution to decisions.

We mention ‘further,’ because no one can be certain on the exact events that will take place during the long run of our successful venture. The variable path ahead will dictate such events, however what we are certain on is our plans for an everlasting community. Our future is in the hands of the holders.