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Goofy Goats!

A collection of 777 uniquely generated Goats, goofing through the fields of Solana.


Are you curious as to how we, as a team, envision this project progressing? Check out the roadmap below to become as excited as we are to get this project rolling!

Stage 1 – Building a community

Goofy Goats was started in an attempt to form a strongly built and tight-knitted community. The early stages are the present, and there is vital growth we aim to observe and immerse ourselves in. We aim to give holders strong incentives and utility to continue engaging and developing an infrastructure. Many events such as contests, giveaways, airdrops, and more are planned during this time.

Stage 2 – Distribution of goats

The mint imposes a major imprint on the future of any project. Because of this, we make it our main aim to hold a seamless, successful minting procedure for our community. Thorough stress testing will take place on the website to ensure this. Pricing is projected to sit between 0.5 and 1 SOL, our team will put in work to form immediate marketplace partnerships, and a percentage of earnings will be put forward for important causes.

Stage 3 – Holder Utility

During this timeframe, post mint – 50% of royalties will be distributed to holders, 15% will be utilised for floor sweeping, 10% and 2.5% of project earnings will be stored within a treasury to be put towards GOAT DAO. Finally, we are planning GOAT Token – the access key to additional projects and more.

Stage 4 – GOAT DAO and further

Long-term achievements are always a crucial factor on future success of a project. Community will always be sentimental to us. A step further to this is the formation of an established DAO. Smaller details on where money goes, and the organisational structure will be decided closer to the date. The DAO will be heavily community driven – everyone’s voices shall and will be heard, as a contribution to decisions.

We mention ‘further,’ because no one can be certain on the exact events that will take place during the long run of our successful venture. The variable path ahead will dictate such events, however what we are certain on is our plans for an everlasting community. Our future is in the hands of the holders.

Our detailed roadmap is available here


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Our Team

Meet our dedicated Goofy Goats team



Greetings, my name is Darren, I have been working hard, leading the Goofy Goats team alongside Luca. I have contributed greatly towards the artwork of the goats and website, as well as programming the attribute compiler, the server and other important aspects. I am currently studying Computer Science, alongside having over three years of experience within the reselling community – selling items such as sneakers, collectibles, and consoles. I have since entered the NFT space, which has fascinated and inspired me to further contribute my skills. I certainly look forward to the bright future of our growing community as well as improving my knowledge and skills within this space.



My name is Luca, I was raised in London. I am currently studying Business, as well as reselling items such as sneakers, clothing, and consoles on the side of that. Since entering the NFT space, I have been determined to contribute my skills towards the ever-growing community – we are only experiencing the beginning of a long journey in the NFT world, and I believe that it is essential to set an early fingerprint. The team and myself have been continuously working on our first project, I ultimately designed and refined the default Goofy Goat silhouette, and since together, have produced over eighty accommodating attributes. I anticipate a bright future ahead of us for the Goofy Goats community.



Hello, my name is Jenush and I live in London. I have been in the NFT scene for a couple months now, having previously been engaged in the sneaker scene – holding staff roles in many communities, I am excited to be an Admin of this project and look forward to seeing the development of Goofy Goats unfold.


Graphics Designer

Hello, my name is Feb and I'm currently living in London and studying A-Levels. I have been designing for years but have recently focused on UI/UX Design which I find a lot more fun. I'm new to the NFT scene but it looks very promising and I'm very intrigued to see what Goofy Goats has to offer.